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Computer and Electronic Music

Drum’n Bass, Dub, Techno, Trance, House, Downtempo, Ambient, Breakbeat, Global, Noise, Exotica, digital DJ-culture, Experimental, New Age and so on Performances, sound-space projects, installations, radio works, net-music, generative music Electro-acoustic, experimental


Computer Animation

Art movies, cartoons Advertising and music clips 2D and 3D computer animations Digital video processed by computer


Computer Graphics

Art pictures Design, advertising pictures 2D and 3D computer graphics Digital photos processed by computer


Mobile Applications and Art

Mobile games, galleries, virtual tours and artistic applications


Web design: Art, Culture and Hobby

Net art, web design Art and cultural databases, online museums, galleries literature, architecture, etc. Personal web sites with artistic approach Gaming, music, animation, film Hobby and entertainment oriented media (TVs, radios, papers, magazines), streaming media, forums and chats, etc. Personal hobby web sites


Web design: Information and Media

Web portals and search engines Information oriented media (TVs, radios, papers, magazines), net journalism, e-publishing, news services, wireless and mobile, ICT, etc.


Web design: Society and Institutions

Communities, non-profit organizations, foundations, ministries and state institutions, etc.


Web design: Technology and Market

Companies and corporations, financial institutions E-shops, e-services Research, e-learning Wireless and mobile, ICT, etc.